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The benefits of Japanese teacher dispatch service

ANA Sky Building Service Co., LTD.

ANA Sky Building Service Co., LTD.

ANA Sky Building Services utilizes its know-how in the airport operation field in the construction of airport facilities, office buildings, management of special equipment, providing security and cleaning service as well as reception and customer service to support [ Safety & Comport ] of buildings and facilities. This time, we visited the cleaning division headquarters to ask about the circumstances, results, and merits of introducing the Japanese language program for technical interns.

1.  Utilizing the airport operation field expertise to support [ Safety & Comfort ] through cleaning service, maintenance and customer service of different facilities

Could you tell us about ANA Sky Building Service Co., LTD. and the primary responsibilities of the department participating in the program?

From the moment it was founded in 1979, ANA Sky Building Services has used its expertise in the airport operation field to provide excellent service for the airport guests through security service, as well as maintenance of lounges and airport building. Our cleaning division covers not only the airport area but also other public facilities and office buildings. We just had 3 new technical interns coming from Vietnam last year.

2.  Facilitating communication with the customers as the direct reason for using the services of Japanese language teacher dispatch

ANA Sky Building Service Co., LTD.

It would seem that you don’t especially need Japanese skills being in the cleaning division. What motivated you to choose this department out of all?

Right now, our technical interns are in charge of cleaning the office building. However, if we take into consideration that in the future they will be working in the area destined for the airport guests, such as the lounges, it will be necessary for them to acquire Japanese skills at some point. We want for them to be able to respond smoothly with a smile to such questions as ‘’Where is the bathroom?’’ or ‘’Where is the smoking room?’’.

3.  Japanese classes twice a week: surprising effect within 3 months of the start of the program

Can you tell us about the lessons?

We have our Japanese language instructor come over twice a week. Sometimes the class writes textbook-based essays, other times, the participants are asked to make a presentation on a chosen subject matter. I think it’s very difficult for a regular person to explain the grammar and proper use of expressions in Japanese. It was a good idea to hire a trained professional who would look over our foreign staff and help them prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

It’s been almost 3 months since the first class. Are there any visible results yet?

I can actually observe their improvement from up close. Every month we hold a dinner party with the technical interns hoping for them to open up. Before, they would reply with simple ‘’yes’’ or ‘’I understand’’, but now they try to ask questions themselves: ‘’Do you have any recommendations for the weekend?’’, ‘’What about you?’’

It’s amazing they were able to engage in conversation in just 3 months. Did it affect the working environment in any way?

Since the lessons started, they try very hard to explain what happened in Japanese if there is some kind of problem, which improved the workflow as well. At this pace, we hope for them to achieve N2-N3 level in the next 3 years and become able to provide an excellent service for our clients one day.

It’s interesting to hear how the lessons impacted different aspects of their daily life too.

4.  Language instructor dispatch as a medium/long-term management strategy; building a win-win relationship between the technical interns and the company

You prepared the program in regard to the technical interns’ demands, but what does it mean?

During the job interview process, these three women showed a strong interest in acquiring professional skills and knowledge they could contribute to their country’s development after going back. They also expressed their wish to learn more about Japanese language and culture in order to get employed by a Japanese enterprise in Vietnam in the future.

Moreover, with the changes in the job market, we envisage our company in the position of choice by the technical interns from now on. We want to show those who are interested in working in Japan that if they choose ANA Sky Building, they will not only gain the opportunity to experience Japanese work environment but also an opportunity to quickly advance with their language skills. We think it’s a win-win situation for them and for us if you allow talented foreign staff a chance.

It seems that with the expansion of social media in Vietnam, you perceive this undertaking as a mid-/long-term recruitment strategy.
Acquiring Japanese skills by the technical interns is also related to the company’s development, but can you tell us some more details?

The cleaning division consists mostly of individuals with a long history of practice, so very few are in their 20s. Therefore, hiring younger staff who has more physical strength and can work faster would change the field completely. Also, there are not that many young people on management positions in the cleaning industry and thus not many opportunities for human resource development. We’re hoping that this new approach could boost the managerial employees’ growth as well.

ANA Sky Building Service Co., LTD.


Introducing Japanese lessons to technical interns does not only improve their language skills or support their career development. It strengthens mid- to long-term recruitment capabilities and revitalizes the organization.

‘’ We will be in the position of choice from now on’’ These words left a long-lasting impression on us. Although the deciding factor for introducing the Japanese lessons varies from company to company, considering both the current necessities and the future changes in the hiring market is one form of perspective.

Thank you for your time!

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