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We can help you…

  • Prepare and pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N1~N5)
  • Improve your understanding of business-level Japanese
  • Learn Japanese needed for your employment in Japan
  • Communicate with your Japanese coworkers

Overview of courses

  • Foreign technical interns

    We offer language courses and Technical Intern Training Evaluation courses for foreign technical interns recently employed in Japan.

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  • JLPT

    Let us help you prepare and pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Classes are divided by level (N1~N5).

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  • Foreign employees in Japan/business-level Japanese

    Improve your business level Japanese through our variety of programs based on your type of profession.

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Get to know
our instructors


Q. As a non-native Japanese speaker, can I take the lessons in my language?

Japanese language education is usually conducted in Japanese only. However, each of our instructors receives sufficient training enabling them to teach in an understandable way for non-native speakers as well. *Please contact us if you wish to be taught by a bilingual instructor.

Q. Who’s going to teach me? How is it different from being taught by a regular Japanese person?

As a rule, we require our staff to be certified*. The instructors provided by Succeed are trained professionals prepared to give you a logical and clear answer all of your questions related to the Japanese language, including certain Japanese expressions, which might be difficult for an ordinary person.
*All the instructors fulfill at least one of the conditions below: 1) Has finished Japanese teaching at a university or graduate school as a main or sub-major.
2) Has finished Japanese teacher training course (420 hours)
3) Has passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test

Q. Can I take the lessons anywhere in Japan?

Yes, we’re not limited to one area. Our instructors are available for lessons all over Japan. Please contact us if you’d prefer to meet with the instructor online.

Q. What if a group consists of multi-national members?

For most of the time, the lessons are taught in Japanese, so the members’ nationality poses no problem. However, if some of the students show difficulty in keeping up with the rest, we might ask you to divide into smaller groups according to the individual level.

Q. Do you have a fixed schedule? Are some classes offered on certain weekdays only?

No, we try to be as flexible as possible. You can participate on any given day and time throughout the week, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Q. Is it possible to take the lessons outside my office?

Yes, it’s possible after consultation with the instructor.

Q. Is there a minimum number of lessons that I have to take when I choose a course?

No, there’s no such need. However, contact us if you’d like to participate in a shorter program.

Q. How early can I start my lessons?

You can start as early as one week after contacting us.

About us

Except for management of tutorial prep schools, Succeed functions as a dispatch company providing home tutors, school teachers, prep school teachers, as well as kindergarten and nursing staff. By taking on the education and welfare industry, we managed to gather the top class individuals and create a vast human resource network we can use now to offer you the best Japanese language professionals.

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Japanese language education as the first step to attract foreign workers

In recent years, the Japanese aging society proved a serious need for the foreign workforce. However, many companies are still unprepared for these changes. Perhaps the biggest obstacle for incoming foreign talent is the fact that the current working environment is filled with the Japanese language. Without the necessary skills to communicate and do business in Japanese, one cannot even expect to make friends who would help him through these difficulties.

At Succeed, we recognize that it’s necessary to show more consideration in order to attract non-native Japanese speakers and convince them to work in Japan. Therefore, looking at the examples in South Korea and Taiwan, we decided to shift our focus on Japanese language education.

Some local companies have already taken steps to create a more welcoming environment for their foreign employees. Our mission at Succeed is to support such businesses in their efforts. We want everyone around the world to think of Japan as no1 country they would like to work in.

Dispatch of language instructors to Japanese language schools


We provide language instructors to Japanese language schools and prep schools for foreign exchange students. Relying on our expertise in the HR area, we’re confident in finding the best match for your request.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

All our instructors fulfill the conditions below:

  • ・Has experience in Japanese language teaching (specialized teaching)
  • ・Has acquired Japanese Language Teacher Certification and is knowledgeable about Japanese manners and business etiquette
  • ・Wishes to develop his/her career path on the management position at a Japanese language school

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.