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Japanese language
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Japanese language private classes

Certified staff / High quality / Low price
Whenever you want / However you want

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  • use your smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • at your office, in person, 1 on 1…
  • no enrollment fees and paperwork needed!

Sample lessons

  • Lesson for beginners

  • Lesson for business Japanese

Simply choose the best option
for your needs and interests

Classes we offer:

  • Japanese in daily life → real life conversations and simple phrases to help you survive in Japan
  • JLPT (N5-N1) and BJT preparation → get essential tips to pass JLPT and BJT
  • Business Japanese → polish your business skills
  • Japanese writing → e-mails and more
  • Japanese at work → learn how to talk with your colleagues and clients
  • Get to know more about writing applications and practice for your job interview
    → all you need to know about successful job hunting in Japan, scoring job interviews and writing applications

Course explanation

  • 1. Conversational Japanese (beginner to intermediate)

  • 2. JLPT and BJT test preparation and strategy

  • 3. Business Japanese

All the courses are offered online and in person
*feel free to contact us for more details

Get to know our instructors

  • The most important while learning a new language is to have fun with it!

    Hiroko Abe

  • Need a conversation partner? Let’s improve your speaking skills together.

    Rumi Sato

  • From a daily conversation to JLPT preparation, whatever your request, I am here to help.

    Ami Terasaki

  • It’s okay to make mistakes! Learning a new language is a process, take one step at a time.

    Risa Kamisawa

  • Learn the fun way: making you as comfortable with Japanese as with your native language is my ultimate goal.

    Haruka Takeda

  • Do you wish to understand what your colleagues say? Is your dream to read your favorite book in Japanese? Study Japanese addressing your own learning needs.

    Mai Nakashima

  • Struggling with Japanese pronunciation and business Japanese? There is never too late to improve.

    Miki Yonezawa

  • Have you ever wondered what PIKA PIKA or ZA-ZA-means? Japanese language is full of onomatopoeias. Let’s learn more about the secrets of spoken Japanese together.

    Asami Sawahata

  • If you’re a foreign student who wishes to enroll in a Japanese school, you found the right person to help. We’ll aim for the best!

    Kanae Shimizu

What you can expect from Succeed:

  • All of our teachers are certified and professionally trained in Japanese language education, able to provide an easy and clear explanation to all of your questions
  • An online language school - you can participate from whenever you want and wherever you want, just pick up your phone, tablet or PC
  • Completely free trial lesson (60mins with one of our teaching staff)
  • Flexibility -create a schedule that fits your lifestyle and needs
  • Our low price, no enrollment fees and no paperwork policy allows you start right away
  • Choose your style: in person / online

How to apply:

  • Fill in the Free trial lesson application form

    Feel free to reach out to us through the free trial lesson
    application form.

  • Tell us what you want

    ・Is there anything specific you’d like to learn or improve on - We want to hear the details, nothing starts without proper communication!

    ・Level check - just a quick check on your current Japanese level (simple talk, no tests)

  • Free trial lesson

    60mins with one of our regular teaching staff
    (if you wish, you can retake the class with another teacher)

  • Registration

    Please buy lesson tickets in advance. Bank transfer or PayPal are available for payment.

Start of the program!
*a free trial lesson can be taken twice at most; you cannot retake the class with the same instructor


Course Prices
Conversational Japanese
(beginner to intermediate)
JLPT & BJT test preparation \4,300/h
Business Japanese \5,000/h

Frequently Asked Questions

About the offered courses

Q. How long is one lesson?

A. 60 mins

Q. Do I have to purchase a certain textbook?

A. No. Let us know if you have a textbook you would like to use.

Q. Is there a fixed curriculum?

A. No, at Succeed with try our best to hear out your needs and requests. Each student’s schedule/program is unique.

Q. What is the time frame I can take the classes?

A. No time frame! Choose any time and day of the week.

About our instructors

Q. Who will be teaching me?

A. Our staff ranges in experience, age, and gender. However, we make sure that each person is certified and qualified for language teaching.

Q. Will I have a different instructor each time? Is it possible to ask for someone else?

A. We assign one teacher to each student, but you can ask for a change anytime.

Q. What happens if I cannot speak Japanese at all? Do you have bilingual staff as well?

A. No worries. Our staff was especially trained to teach beginner to intermediate level students. We also provide bilingual teachers if requested.

About the prices

Q. At what timing am I required to pay for the classes?

A. After the trial lesson, right before the regular program starts. Upon receiving the payment confirmation, we will print out your class tickets (1 ticket = 1 class).

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept bank transfers and payments made using PayPal.


Q. What is your policy regarding cancellations and other changes?

A. You can cancel your class up to one day* before its scheduled time and date. If you cancel your lesson afterwards, you will be required to pay the full amount (1 ticket). You can confirm the details directly with your instructor.
*within business hours ~18:00

Q. What is the least number of classes that I must take?

A. There is none. Take as many as you need.

Q. If I choose the offline option, can I meet with the instructor outside of my office?

A. Yes, you can meet with your teacher at a coffee shop or other public space*.
However, any extra expenses that come with it must be covered by you.
*scheduling a class at the student’s home is only allowed after the consultation with the instructor

Q. From what time to what time, are lessons available?

A. 7 am to 11 pm.

About us

Except for management of tutorial prep schools, Succeed functions as a dispatch company providing home tutors, school teachers, prep school teachers, as well as kindergarten and nursing staff. By taking on the education and welfare industry, we managed to gather the top class individuals and create a vast human resource network we can use now to offer you the best Japanese language professionals.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.